Heritage Case Management’s priority is to provide the best service possible to our clients.  To ensure we are meeting this goal, satisfaction surveys are sent to all of our clients on a regular basis.  Some of the most recent survey comments are listed below.

“My hat off to Pat Byrnes, she is a Godsend.”
“I can not tell you how helpful Pat is to me.  Anytime I have a problem with anything, she is such a big help.  I don’t know what we would do without her.”

"Betty is a gem!"

"Mike has been just wonderful. He has helped a lot when I had my stroke. Both my wife and myself would have been lost without his help. He is so polite, sincere and most of all one of the nicest people we have met in a long, time."

"Thank you, Liz for all your kindness and for always being there for us."

"We love Margaret!"

"Please let both Barbara and Mike know that not only WHAT they do but HOW they do it makes big differences in people's lives--it matters. They're both special people and it's important to us that they know it."

"I can't begin to tell you how helpful Mr. Ventola was to us."

"You run a very pleasant and efficient operation.  I do not feel like a 'case'; through your work I feel more like 'cared for'."
"Tom has gone above and beyond for us.  We love Tom and hope he will stay with us forever."
"Barbara is one of the best case managers I have had the pleasure to work on my case.  She has gone above and beyond to help me when needed."
"I can’t thank you enough for sending Carolyn to my rescue.  It would have been very difficult for me to keep Mom at home if it had not been for her service and moral support. Carolyn has been right there for us at any given moment. I could not do this without her."
"I think my case manager is a kind and awesome lady."
"Tom is the BEST!"

"We have found our dealings with Barbara to always be a pleasure.  The few times we have needed assistance, she has proven to be prompt in returning our calls, courteous, cheerful and extremely knowledgeable."


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